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Volume 17, Number 2, pages 95103, 2007. BibTEX source; DOI:10.5300/2007-2/95
Published by CSTUG, printed and distributed by Konvoj, s. r. o.
Scientific Poster Preparation (in Slovak)
Abstract: The article is an introduction to the preparation of scientific posters. In the first part, it deals with the definition, specification and sizes of posters. It points to proper TEX programmes and packages. It deals mainly with A0poster, Sciposter, Poster and Epssplit. In brief, it mentions also non-TEX tools, such as OpenOffice.org Impress, Microsoft PowerPoint and its templates plus suitable software products. In the second part, it discusses printing and the price of posters. The last part mentions Internet links to some real-world galleries of posters and some other recommended sources.
Príprava posteru
Abstrakt: Tento článok sa zaoberá praktickou prípravou vedeckého posteru, možnosťami a spôsobmi jeho tvorby a popisom úskalí, na ktoré môže jeho tvorca naraziť.

Jozef Říha, Pavel Stříž
Ústav statistiky a kvantitativních metod
Fakulta managementu a ekonomiky
Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně
Mostní 5139, 76001 Zlín
Czech Republic
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