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Volume 14, Number 2, pages 54110, 2004. BibTEX source; DOI:10.5300/2004-2/54
Published by CSTUG, printed and distributed by Konvoj, s. r. o.
Calculations and diagrams in LATEX (in Czech)
Abstract: The article deals with the title problem from the point of view of a common user of LATEX. It describes a way of using standard packages fp.sty and curves.sty, and their new extensions fp-contrib.sty and diagram.sty with an auxiliary package support.sty. The suite allows to solve rather complicated tasks in one run of the LATEX compiler. A solution of processing fatigue data into SN-curve, bands of confidence intervals, plots and a table of results is presented as an example. The system is suitable also for presentation purposes.
Výpočty a diagramy v LATEXu
Miroslav Balda
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