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Volume 12, Number 1, pages 312, 2002. BibTEX source; DOI:10.5300/2002-1/3
Published by CSTUG, printed and distributed by Konvoj, s. r. o.
Pattern Generation using PATLIB Library and Program OPATGEN (in Czech)
Abstract: Paper describes technique of competing patterns as a method for data mining and effective storage. Development of time- and space-effective hyphenation algorithm from already hyphenated word list is a typical application.
The program PATGEN, being nearly twenty years old, doesn't suit today's needs (limitation to eight-bit encodings, monolithic, hard to maintain code, etc.). A new pattern generator, OPATGEN, suitable for system Omega, has been designed and implemented from scratch in object-oriented manner. An architecture of OPATGEN is outlined. It is based on generic library PATLIB for pattern handling.
Possible applications of the pattern technology are listed (multi-level and compound word hyphenation, Thai segmentation, optical character recognition).
Generování vzorů pomocí knihovny PatLib a programu OPatGen
David Antoš Petr Sojka
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