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Volume 10, Number 1–3, pages 7884, 2000. BibTEX source; DOI:10.5300/2000-1-3/78
Published by CSTUG, printed and distributed by Konvoj, s. r. o.
A possibility of database publishing in LATEX (in Czech)
Abstract: Various documents should often contain listings generated from database files. It is therefore general problem which has to be solved for different text processing systems, database systems and operating systems. One possibility, which is described here, is based on simple text files containing the database records encoded in TEX macros. Experience from using this approach for generation of listings shows that this method is very flexible from the point of view of speed of creation of the output forms. The quality of the listings is also high. The prerequisite is knowledge of the TEX macro language but it is no obstacle because sufficient amount of appropriate literature is available.
Jedna z možností databázového publikování v LATEXu
Tomáš Hála
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